Top 5 Plug-ins to Protect your WordPress Site from Spams


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Let’s face it: no one wants to think that their WordPress site will have a security issue. Unfortunately, the reality is that spam can infect any site. Not only is spam annoying for you to deal with but it will impact your core user’s experience. After all, no one wants to spend time on a website that has a ton of spam comments on it.

Said another way, spam could very easily impact your traffic and bounce rates!

Fortunately, there are now dozens of fantastic WordPress plug-ins that offer protection from spam for your site. Below we’ve outlined 5 WordPress plug-ins that you could think about using to protect your site.

#1: Spam Protection by Clean Talk

A frequently updated “Jack of all trades” plug-in used by more than 90,000 websites, Spam Protection can prevent spam comments, spam registration, spam emails, and more. Even better, this plug-in integrates with many contact form builders and shopping platforms like WooCommerce. Due to its functionality and nearly 2,000 Five-Star reviews, Clean Talk charges $7 per year (after the first year) to use their fantastic plug-in.

#2: Akismet

The “gold standard” for spam plug-ins, Akismet has long been a dominant player in the spam-filter industry. In fact, many popular hosting services like Bluehost recommend users to install Akismet. While functionality is more limited to filtering spam comments, Akismet is free for non-business websites. It’s no wonder they have more than five million websites that use it! If you are looking for a basic spam defense, you could do no better than Akismet.

#3: Wordfence Security

A different type of spam plug-in, Wordfence Security takes a slightly different approach to preventing spam. Their plug-in checks traffic to determine if it’s malicious as soon as it gets to a website. By filtering out malicious traffic early, this plug-in aims to avoid instances of spam on your site before the traffic even gets there! While free, there is a premium version that offers advanced features like a real-time firewall threat defense. With more than three million websites using it and more than 3,000 five-star reviews, we think the premium version might be worth it.

#4: Cerber Security

While lesser-known than Akismet, Cerber Security is an up-and-coming plug-in with more than one hundred thousand users and nearly all of their reviews are 5 stars. Cerber is another “jack of all trades” that combines strategies from Akismet and Wordfence to create a complete security solution. They utilize technology like reCAPTCHA to prevent spam comments but also block malicious IP addresses to prevent hacks and brute-force attacks. Hard to beat for a free plug-in!

#5 Anti-Spam

Another up-and-comer with a couple hundred thousand users and lots of five-star reviews, Anti-Spam takes a unique approach. They have two goals: stop spam and ensure that your users still have a great experience on your site. They accomplish this goal by blocking spam comments from your site but not forcing users to complete a reCAPTCHA. If you don’t want spam comments and do want your users to love your site, then Anti-Spam is the plug-in for you.


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