amazon echo 2nd generation

How to Set Up your Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

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Congratulations on having a Virtual Assistant/Smart Speaker. You’re going to enjoy all the things Alexa can do for you! But first, you’ll need to know how to set up Alexa properly. (You’ll only need to perform the setup one time.) We assume you already have your Echo device.

Download the Alexa app to your phone or tablet. After downloading the app, open it and sign into your account. Your login is the same as to your Amazon account.

Plug in your Echo device. Place it in a location central to where you’d like to use it. Alexa is voice-activated/controlled with 7 built-in microphones and can accurately pick up your voice within 20 – 25 feet. It is always listening for the trigger word “Alexa”. Also consider that you may be listening to music from the device and choose a central location.

Your Echo device has a LED ring around the top. At first, it will glow blue/green, then turn orange/yellow.

How to Use your Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

On the app, touch the “Devices” in the lower, right corner.

Then touch “+” on the top, right corner.

Then touch “Add Device”.

Next touch “Amazon Echo”, then “Echo”.

How to Use your Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)
How to Use your Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)
How to Use your Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

Next, Begin Echo setup on the app and follow the onscreen prompts. Touch “Continue”.

How to Use your Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

Wait for the orange/yellow light. When the LED ring is orange/yellow, touch “Continue” on the app. If the light does not turn orange/yellow automatically, press and hold the button that looks like a dot, located on the top of the Echo device, for 6 seconds:

How to Use your Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

The light should turn orange/yellow. Touch “Continue”. You should hear “Now in setup mode” come from the Echo device.

Now you will connect the device to the app. Without closing the Alexa app, go to your phone’s/tablet’s Wi-Fi settings. Look for available networks. You want to find one named “Alexa-xxx” (The “xxx” will vary.) Touch the “Alexa-xxx” network to connect. Once connected, go back to the Alexa app. You should hear “You’ve connected. Now go back to the Alexa app” come from the Echo device.

How to Use your Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

Now go back to the Alexa app. It should automatically continue to the next screen once connected. You will now connect the device to your network. Touch “Continue.” Available networks should show on your screen. Touch the network you want to connect to. You will need to enter your network’s password. Then you’ll hear “This device is ready” from the Echo device. Touch “Continue”.

Congratulations! Your Amazon Echo device is set up and ready for use! There are many things you can do with Alexa. You’ll soon come to rely upon her for many things. Upon opening the Alexa app, you’ll see 3 bars at the top left corner. This is the Menu. Click here and explore!

Go to “Settings”, then “Device Settings”, then “your Echo”. Set your location and Time Zone, so your weather and other information will be accurate.

“Things to Try”, “What’s New”, “Alexa’s Talents” and “Skills” are especially good to review.

Also go to “Help & Feedback” to learn more. Enjoy your new Echo!