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Some of the Best Games to Play with Backbone and Why Getting One

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Did you know you can play games on your iPhone without touching the screen? Yes, you can do that with a Backbone One, the controller that you can connect to your iPhone. You can use your iPhone as the screen and place it in the Backbone One that you can extend or contract to fit the height of your phone.

What is nice about the Backbone One is that it is small and light, so you can easily carry it along. With just your iPhone and that controller, you can easily play controller-supported games wherever you go.

Living a minimalist lifestyle is probably the way to go in our times, with a growing population using a lot of resources to sustain itself. The way we are used to playing video games involves a TV or computer and a console, both of which consume a non-negligible amount of electrical energy.

As more of us are using these devices to have a good time, there may be no way to increase electrical energy to suit our needs. With a Backbone One, you only need your iPhone to play games, and you do not need to charge it.

You will soon find out some of the best games to play with Backbone and why you need one for yourself or your friends, one of the best game controllers for iPhones.

Games to Play with Backbone

Diablo Immortal Apex Legends Mobile Call of Duty
Rocket League Sideswipe Halo Infinite Fortnite
NBA 2K22: Arcade Edition Minecraft Forza Horizon 5
Genshin Impact Madden NFL 22 Final Fantasy VII
FIFA 22 Sky: Children of the Light Gran Turismo 7
Bugsnax GRIS LEGO® Brawls
Skate City Stardew Valley Cyberpunk 2077
CLAP HANZ GOLF Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls #DRIVE
.Decluster Zero 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 1941 Frozen Front
1v1.LOL 2-bit Cowboy 20 Minutes Till Dawn
321 Shootout 428: Shibuya Scramble 7 Days to Die
8 Bit Fighters 9th Dawn III A Fold Apart
A Little To The Left A Memoir Blue A Monster’s Expedition
A Place for the Unwilling A Plague Tale: Innocence A Short Hike
A Story About My Uncle A Way Out A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism
Absolute Drift Absolver Access Code Zero
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Aces of the Luftwaffe Achilles: Legends Untold
Adventure Company Adventures of Mana COLINA: Legacy
Concrete Genie Cricket 19 Crayta
Daggerhood Dan The Man Dandara
Disney Melee Mania Disgaea 6 Complete Dust: An Elysian Tail
Dwarf Journey Dunk Nation 3X3 Earth Atlantis
Eastshade EarthNight El Hijo
Elden Ring Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Empyrion-Galactic Survival
ELEX 2 Embr Empire of Sin
Explottens F-Sim Space Shuttle F1 2019
Exit the Gungeon Fallout 76 Fallen Legion Revenants
Far from Noise FAR: Lone Sails Faraday Protocol
Farm It! FIFA 23 Fields of Battle
FIE Swordplay FINAL FANTASY IX Genesis Noir
Geometry Race Get Packed Gerda: A Flame in Winter
Goat Simulator Waster of Space Golden Axe Classics Golf Club: Wasteland
GreedFall Greak: Memories of Azur Gravity Spikes

backbone one

Why Getting a Backbone

Playing your favorite games away from home.

An Xbox console needs a screen to output the game graphics, and that can be a TV or a computer screen. If you use a TV to play games, you probably can do that only at your home, where you have all your gadgets connected, the console to the TV and the controller to the console.

If you use a computer screen, you probably have the same experience as with a TV screen; one difference is that with a laptop, you are freer to move around, even taking your console and your laptop to go out play with your friends. But that could be cumbersome to carry all these gadgets around. Anything too big to fit in your pocket is probably too much to carry around.

You can connect the controller Backbone One to your iPhone, turn your phone into a screen, and play some of the best iPhone games that are controller-supported.

The Backbone for iPhone weighs only 4.87 ounces, with a height of 3.70 inches and a width of 6.94 inches when contracted and 10.14 inches when extended, so you can easily stuck it in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go.

backbone one

If you go out hiking and want to take a break to play a game with a controller, you now can easily do that by just carrying along one of the best iOS game controllers. If you spend a long time in a train, bus, or airplane, you can also fill your time with some games by using your Backbone One and your iPhone.

If you have to wait in a long line, your iPhone controller can take away some of the boredom and the constant, futile expectation that your turn should be soon, when it could really take you hours to be served.

With your Backbone One, you are no longer constrained to play games at your home in front of your TV or computer. With its small size and light weight, you can easily carry it along and play games whenever you can.

Your old iPhone will do.

 The new iPhones are sleeker, faster, and pricier than the old ones. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a maximum capacity of 1 Terabyte while it weighs just 8.46 ounces; its A15 Bionic chip has 15 billion transistors, and it has a 6-core CPU, a 5-core GPU, and a 16-core neural engine.

The screen has a diagonal length of 6.7 inches, with a 2,778-by-1,284-pixel resolution at 458 pixels per inch. That phone can still work even if it falls in a 6-meter-deep water container for up to 30 minutes, and it uses the 5G network.

It will cost you at least $1,099 to get one. However, the iPhone 6s (released in 2015) has only a maximum capacity of 128 Gigabytes with an A9 chip and costs around $120 (as of October 2021).

iPhone 13
An iPhone 13. Credit: Apple

The good news is that you do not need a new iPhone to use a Backbone One! You can connect the controller to all iPhone models from iPhone 6s to iPhone 13 Pro Max.

If you have been using an old iPhone, making you look like you have been stuck in the Middle Ages, a fresh Backbone for your iPhone will bring you forward in time. You can save your money if you want to hold on to your current phone and still can pair it with a new device.

Even if you decide to upgrade to a newer iPhone model after you have bought your Backbone One, you are covered since you will still be able to use it with your new phone.

Giving one of the best game controllers for iPhones as a gift to your friends is quite economical to them because they can still keep their old iPhones and still enjoy the gift; it would not matter if some of your friends like to keep their phones as museum pieces or always keep up with the latest models.

Your iPhone’s screen will stay intact.

If you use a touchscreen device, you probably worry about scratches on the screen, whether when you put it in your pocket with your keys, it falls on the floor, or you often touch the screen to play games.

If you ever need to resell your device, scratches on the screen may devalue it; also, too many scratches can make seeing pictures or watching videos bothersome.

iPhone users have reported that the screens of their iPhones are easily scratched. There are even tests designed to see how easily an iPhone model’s screen can be scratched, suggesting that an iPhone screen’s resistance to scratches might be a factor for someone to buy that phone. There are even several iPhone screen protectors on the market which claim to prevent users from ruining their phones, suggesting that iPhone’s screen vulnerability to scratches has been an issue.

Apple has used a new glass for the screen of its iPhone 12, called Ceramic Shield, which the company claims is resistant from scratches.

ceramic shield
Credit: Apple

If you use your iPhone to play games, your fingers often touch the screen, which may easily scratch it, particularly if you have long nails.

If you are the only one who uses your phone to play games, you may be more sensible about how much you use the screen, but if you let others use it for playing games, you may be shocked by how much they have scratched your phone’s screen.

When you use a Backbone One, you place your phone in the device, you contract it so that it fits your phone, you hold it with both your hands, and you control the game via the buttons of the iPhone controller. So you have no need to ever touch the screen of your iPhone when you play controller-supported games with your Backbone One.

 Not enough controllers, no problem


Many games (such as Halo, Fortnite, A Way Out, Overcooked! 2, Rocket League, and Mortal Kombat 11), including some of the best iPhone games, are multiplayer, meaning you can play them with more than one player. If you love inviting your friends over to your house to play games, there might be a problem: there are not enough controllers for the crew!

If they do not have their own controllers, you want to save your money from buying new controllers, and they all have their Backbone controllers, then they can connect their controllers to their iPhones.

Talking about saving money, an Xbox controller can cost around $50 (as of October 2021), and the price can go as high as $200; that is a couple of hundred to over a thousand dollars if you were to buy controllers for all your friends you invite.

The same is true for you: not having a controller should not prevent you from hanging out with your friends and enjoy some games, just because they do not have enough controllers for everyone. You can bring your Backbone One, and you are in.

If you travel to new places and would like to make new friends who are into games, you may not know what to expect, such as what games they like playing, when they usually play, whether they meet up at one gamer’s house, or whether they just play online.

If a couple of game aficionados invite you to a gameplay session at their house, they may not have enough controllers; some may have only two controllers, and one of their friends just shows up and wants to join while you are getting yourself ready to play. If you have a Backbone controller, everything should go smoothly and everyone will be happy.

When it is your turn to invite them, you may have controllers for only a few but an extra one joins the crew. If you have a Backbone One, you can always let the extra one use it.

You will always know when your friends are playing.

backbone one

If you and your friends have Xbox’s Gold memberships and they are playing a multiplayer game (such as NBA 2K22, Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA 22, Minecraft, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, or The Crew 2), they can invite you to play online with them or you can join them.

Backbone controllers come with a mobile app that can notify you when your friends are playing. If you are away from a TV or a computer, you may be unable to join if the game is controller-supported.

While your friends are playing, you may be on a train getting home, on a hiking trail miles away from your home, or on your break from work. When the Backbone One app notifies you about your friends playing and you want to join, you then can easily do so if you carry your Backbone One along with you.

With its light weight, you can always have it with you without any burden, and you will only need to charge your iPhone to use it since it only uses battery power of your phone.   

The app is free when you buy a Backbone One, it is compatible to any iPhone operating system, it can be shared to up to six family members, but it is available only in English and Japanese.

Like for any other apps you download into your phone, you need to know what kind of information will be collected from you and your device, for how long the collected data will be stored, how this information will be used by the app owner, and how you can customize the way(s) your collected information is used.

The company that makes one of the best iOS game controllers details all of this in its privacy policy webpage, at the bottom of which you can find an address to contact the company if you have questions about the company’s privacy practices.

Wanna save on a video game console? Go for a Backbone for iPhone.

xbox game
Forza Horizon 5

The Xbox Series X will cost you $499.99 (as of October 2021); it comes with one controller. For that price, you get an 8-core CPU at 3.8 GigaHertz, a 12 Teraflops at 1.825 GigaHertz.

The console has an internal storage of 1 Terabyte and 16 Gigabytes of memory; it also has input-output throughputs of 2.4 Gigabytes per second and 4.8 Gigabytes per second.

You also get a 4K Blu-Ray and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound quality. For internet connection, you can go wireless or you can use Ethernet cable, and you also have 3 USB ports.

Furthermore, that console has a split motherboard, a vapor chamber, a whisper-quiet fan, and a heat-sink, all of which to control the temperature of the device.

All these features are packed into a 9.8-pound structure.

If you need more controllers, you will need to buy them separately since that console comes with only one.

The Xbox Series S will cost you $299.99 (as of October 2021); it comes with one controller. Its processor is less powerful than the X version, with a 4 Teraflop-GPU. Its internal storage is smaller with a capacity of 512 Gigabytes and a memory of 10 Gigabytes. You still have a Dolby Digital 5.1 sound quality, wireless capability, and 3 USB ports.

The Backbone One will instead cost you only $99.99 (as of October 2021); that at least $400 of saving off an Xbox Series X and $200 off an Xbox Series S. If you have already had an iPhone, then you will need to buy only the Backbone One to play some of the best iPhone games.

If you have been thinking about gifts for your friends, you can buy 5 Backbone controllers for the price of an Xbox Series X and 3 Backbone controllers for the price of an Xbox Series S. If you are on a tight budget, you can make more of your friends happy with some of the best game controllers for iPhones.

You don’t need a TV or a computer to play your games.

backbone one

backbone one

When you buy a console to play games, you are half-way in your quest for fun; you also need a screen to display the game graphics.

A TV or computer screen will do. As games are becoming more sophisticated, with phenomenal image quality, TVs and computers have been made to faithfully render the game images.

If you are buying a TV or computer and you plan to use either one for games, you will need to get one made for gaming. An 85-inch Sony X900H TV (with Game Mode) will cost you around $2,400 (as of October 2021).

The price for a computer for gaming depends on whether you need a desktop or a laptop. For instance, a Periphio Sub-Terra Gaming desktop will cost you around $539.99 while a TUF gaming laptop by ASUS can cost you around $1,500.

With a Backbone for iPhone, you only need to connect the controller to your iPhone and use your phone as a screen, so you do not need to buy other screens for gaming if you want to save money. Also, you can save electrical energy if you use only a Backbone One to play your games.

Last Words

You have probably gone through this before: a new device is out, and you are asking yourself whether you should buy it or not. One way to decide is to imagine what would happen if you did not get this item. If life would go undisturbed without it, you probably do not need it. But if you find that something would be missing, then you probably need to get one.

If you decide to buy a Backbone One, one of the best iOS game controllers, look around to see what current users think about it. Maybe some of your friends have already bought one; if so, ask them how they like it.

What is nice about the Backbone One is its compatibility with several iPhone models. If you have had an older iPhone model and decide to upgrade, you still can connect the controller to your iPhone.

When you get your iPhone controller, make sure the box in which it arrives contains all the accessories you need. If not, you can contact the company about that.

Finally, before you download the app onto your phone, read the company’s privacy policy to ensure you understand what information about you and your device will be collected and how it will be used and shared.

Enjoy your Backbone One!