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    Why would anyone buy a subscription to a virtual private network (VPN) for privacy on the Web?

      Note: This article has affiliate links.   When you purchase access to the internet, you do not have automatic protection of your privacy. Even if whatever you do on the web seems to be hidden in your computer, your online moves are recorded by your browser and your internet service provider (ISP). Although you may not need to worry that your online activities are known by others, you have no control over how they will interpret them. When you look at a website that sells cars, a third party may not know your real intention for doing so but may still decide to target you with ads of cars…

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    How your Privacy is at Risk on the Web: using a virtual private network (VPN) can help

      Note: This article has affiliate links.   Are you concerned about your online activities being disclosed to third parties? If yes, keep reading, and a quick advice is to use a virtual private network (VPN) through a service provider such as NordVPN. When a record of your online activities is created, it can be used without your consent. Your record can be used to figure out how much money can be made from you by analyzing any of your online moves. The more you use the internet, the better of a profile of you can be created, and such profile can be used to predict your future moves. As…