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    Strictly Monotone Weight Functions on Directed Graphs

      OUTLINE Introduction General Definitions When can any weight function be turned into a strictly monotone weight function? Weighted Directed Graphs in Applications Autonomous Driving Quantum Walks Artificial Neural Networks   SUMMARY: We define a directed graph as a space with any binary relation, and we define a strictly monotone weight function on any directed graph. We prove when no weight function on a directed graph can be turned into a strictly monotone weight function, and we give a characterization of any strictly monotone weight function. Finally, we mention the use of weighted directed graphs in autonomous driving research, quantum information, and deep learning.    Introduction Here is an example…

  • Two Notions of an Infinite Chain in a Directed Graph

    Two Notions of an Infinite Chain in a Directed Graph

      OUTLINE Introduction Definitions Directed Graphs Infinite Chains (Def. 1 & Def. 2) When are Def. 1 and Def. 2 equivalent? A fix with the axiom of countable choice Directed Graphs in Applications Softwares Graph Neural Networks Quantum Information   SUMMARY: We introduce two notions of an infinite chain in a directed graph, and we show when these two notions are equivalent. We then mention the use of directed graphs in applications, such as artificial intelligence and quantum information. Introduction Consider this diagram \[ \begin{array}{ccccc} \bullet & \rightarrow & \bullet\\ \downarrow & & \downarrow\\ \bullet & \rightarrow & \bullet & \rightarrow & \bullet \end{array} \] which consists of vertices (the dots)…