Technologies for Teaching

Technologies for Teaching


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You’re likely on the hunt for new technologies to use in the classroom that’ll take your student’s education to the next level. New tech in education is released all the time. And with a busy teaching schedule, it’s often hard to find the time to research what’s worth yours and your students’ time. To help you bring some of the great new education technology released in the past few years, we’ve done the research for you. What follows are three of the top new releases making waves in education.

Google Tour Creator

Technologies for Teaching

You may already be using Google’s amazing Expeditions software in your classroom, but don’t overlook the new Tour Creator they’ve added!

If you are unfamiliar with this amazing technology, what Expeditions does is allow anyone to take a virtual tour of many of the World’s historic locales with the use of both Augmented and Virtual Reality!

Taking it a step further, Google has released the Tour Creator. This allows you and your students to create virtual tours using either your own 360 photos or Google’s Street View images! Once completed, these tours are able publishable in Google’s library of Virtual and Augmented Reality content, Poly. At first glance, this might seem out of reach to all but the most well funded school districts. You’ll be happy to know though that with only a smart phone and one of Google’s ultra-affordable Cardboard VR devices, you and your students can enjoy creating and viewing your very own Virtual and Augmented Reality tours!


Webjets is a great new web app that offers you and your students the ability to visually organize and share information. With Webjets, you create boards that you fill with cards containing different information and links. Think of it as a virtual bulletin board and organization tool.

Some examples of content a card can contain include:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Tables
  • Google Doc Files
  • Attached Files

Cards can be further organized into collapsible folders, making any files or info readily available when you need it, but out of the way when you don’t!

Webjets would work especially well as a tool for group projects where students share access to a group board. Students are able to add cards to a shared board to build out the content for a project.

Not only is Webjets perfect for students, you’ll likely find plenty of uses of your own for this great new app. Consider using Webjet’s folders to organize your files and other info relating to your classes, for quick and easy access where ever you are!

Equity Maps

The last new piece of education technology we have for you to try is Equity Maps. This great new iPad app makes staying on top of classroom discussions and student participation a breeze!

  • How this application works is as follows:
  • First you create a seating chart of your classroom.
  • As your classroom discussion begins, you tap individual student icons as they participate.
  • Equity Maps tracks how long your students talk and provides you with a summary of class participation.

Some of the metrics Equity Maps track include frequency of individual student participation, how many participated, and gender distribution equality, just to name a few.

Wrapping Up

Staying on top of what’s new in education technology can be hard when you’ve got a class full of kids to deal with every day, but hopefully now you’ve got a few ideas for ways to add some interesting new tech into the mix. Adding some of these great new technologies to your classroom will go far to improving your students’ education.


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