• Technologies for Teaching Mathematics

    Technologies for Teaching Mathematics

    If you are a teacher or tutor and sometimes find it difficult to help your students or tutees understand some mathematical concepts, there are some fascinating technological tools designed to alleviate your challenges. GeoGebra AR GeoGebra is a website that has apps that can be used as scientific and graphic calculators and can be used to do other computations, such as solving polynomial equations. Recently, GeoGebra has incorporated augmented reality in some of its apps. So students can have a live demonstration of some fascinating math topics right through their phones. Sometimes, students can find it difficult to graph functions of two variables because they can find it hard to…

  • Technologies for Teaching

    Technologies for Teaching

      For related products, scroll to the end. ↓↓↓     You’re likely on the hunt for new technologies to use in the classroom that’ll take your student’s education to the next level. New tech in education is released all the time. And with a busy teaching schedule, it’s often hard to find the time to research what’s worth yours and your students’ time. To help you bring some of the great new education technology released in the past few years, we’ve done the research for you. What follows are three of the top new releases making waves in education. Google Tour Creator You may already be using Google’s amazing…