• virus attack

    How to protect your devices from viruses and other malware attacks in 2021

      Note: This article has affiliate links.   It is safe to say that as long as there are computers, there will be computer viruses. It’s an inevitable risk that comes with owning a computer, much like the risk of catching a cold during the winter season or getting teary-eyed while cutting an onion. Of course, these references are not perfect, but you get the point. Computer viruses are named after human viruses because of their ability to transfer from one infected file to another. However, unlike most human viruses, computer viruses are man-made. A computer virus is essentially a computer program designed to attach to legitimate computer programs and…

  • malware infection

    How to protect your computer and mobile phone from malware infections in 2021

      Note: This article has affiliate links.   Do you own a computer or a mobile phone? If you use your devices to access the internet, they are vulnerable to malware infection. One way you can protect them is to use an anti-malware product such as NordVPN’s CyberSec, McAfee, or Norton, one of the best malware protection software. A malware, or malicious software, is a software application developed to intentionally hurt computing systems, such as a computer, mobile phone, and network. As you will soon see, there are many ways malware can infect your devices, most of which involve tricking you into taking an action that will ease their entry…