10-Node Puzzles (Free Access)

  • Access to 16 puzzles
  • Solutions to these puzzles can be seen only when they are solved.
  • Access to the scoring system that plots and saves deletable scores. For more, click here.
  • These puzzles can be played with mobile phones and desktops.

How to sign up

After you have filled out all the required fields, press the Sign Up button. Then you will be directed to a Welcome page. Under “Your Subscriptions”, there is the link “10-Node Puzzles (Free Access)” that will take you to the page “10 Nodes” where all the puzzles are listed.

How to log in

The first time you sign up, you will be able to access all the puzzles. Once you log out, you will need to have a password to log back in. When you have signed up, a message with the subject line “[XY] Set Your New Password” was sent to the e-mail you have entered during registration. Open that message, and click on the link; you will be taken to this site to set your password.

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