Zendure Solar Generator SuperBase V4600 Power Station

SuperBase V is a revolutionary home backup battery with dual 120V/240V, 3800W output, seamlessly transitioning to backup power in milliseconds.

Expandable up to 46kWh, it’s a plug-and-play system with a 3-year warranty, extendable to 5 years for Zendure app users.

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Zendure Solar Generator SuperBase V4600 Power Station

DUAL VOLTAGE OUTPUT: The SuperBase V LFP home backup battery boasts a unique dual 120V/240V, 3800W output capacity (connecting two units delivers up to 7,600W). It stands as the world’s first unit supporting both 120V and 240V operation in a single device. This versatility enables it to power not only standard household appliances but also high-voltage devices like air compressors, welding machines, electric water heaters, large power tools, and electric furnaces.

SEAMLESS ONLINE UPS: With its dual 5-20 ports, SuperBase V offers a seamless transition to backup power. When directly connected to a 120V device, the switch to backup power occurs instantly (0ms), ensuring maximum protection for desktop PCs, file servers, and other sensitive equipment, minimizing the risk of data loss or damage. Otherwise, the switch takes place within 13ms.

6,600W MULTICHARGE: SuperBase V supports input from both 120V and 240V outlets AC. At 240V, it can draw 3,600W AC input and 3,000W solar input, or 3,600W AC and a 3,600W EV charger, providing a maximum input power of 6,600W when connected to a satellite battery. This makes it the fastest dual-charge system in the industry, allowing a full charge in just 2 hours using a 240V 3,600W AC source (up to 4,500W maximum input on the base unit alone).

MAKE YOUR RV LIFE EFFICIENT: SuperBase V, equipped with 16 outputs and a TT-30 port, can supply up to 30A to your RV or camper’s 120V appliances, with the added benefit of the fastest charge in the industry (up to 3,600W). The Anderson port draws up to 378W max under 12.6V 30A, offering convenient charging for RV essentials.

UP TO 46KWH!!! EXPANDABLE ENERGY ECOSYSTEM: SuperBase V, a solar generator with substantial capacity, can expand from 4.6kWh to 46kWh with additional Satellite Batteries. This vast energy reservoir is sufficient to power a typical household for a week or more, making it the ideal choice for home electricity storage, replacing traditional gasoline/fuel generators.

PLUG-AND-PLAY ENERGY: SuperBase V stands out as the first plug-and-play home energy storage system designed for entire households. With a customizable energy ecosystem, user-centric design, and revolutionary technology, it sets a new standard for home energy storage.

WHAT YOU GET: The SuperBase V solar power station comes with a Satellite Battery Cable, 1.5m AC cable, 1.5m car charging cable, manual, accessory pouch, and a worry-free 3-year warranty. Users who download the Zendure app and register as Zendure members can extend the warranty by 2 years, totaling a 5-year warranty. Additionally, a 24-hour friendly service ensures a risk-free purchase.