PAC-MAN World Re-PAC – PlayStation 5

Enjoy playing Pac-Man!

Experience a cutting-edge 3D action-adventure platformer with enhanced visuals and a polished user interface. Explore six distinct areas on Ghost Island, defeat boss battles, and solve puzzles while collecting items. PAC-MAN’s abilities expand, allowing butt-bouncing, rev-rolling, and more, while rescuing characters provides valuable advantages for the ultimate showdown against TOC-MAN.

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Unleash the power of cutting-edge hardware in this 3D action-adventure platformer, featuring a seamless and intuitive gaming experience. Experience enhanced visuals, a polished user interface, and intricate environmental details for PAC-MAN and the Ghosts.

Embark on a multifaceted adventure in QUEST MODE, conquer challenging 3D mazes in MAZE MODE, and unlock the classic PAC-MAN game in ORIGINAL MODE after conquering QUEST MODE. Traverse six unique areas on Ghost Island, each with multiple levels and a distinctive boss battle. Solve puzzles, collect items, and dodge Ghosts and adversaries.

PAC-MAN’s abilities include butt-bouncing, rev-rolling, hover jumps, and more across these regions. Gather PAC-DOTS, fruit, and power-ups, and use the mighty Metal PAC-MAN power-up for invincibility and underwater exploration as MEGA PAC-MAN.

Rescue beloved characters like PAC-MOM, PAC-BOY, and others by finding hidden keys in each world. Each rescue grants PAC-MAN valuable advantages in preparation for the ultimate showdown against the formidable TOC-MAN.

Enjoy playing Pac-Man!