NIU KQi3 Sport Electric Kick Scooter

The NIU KQi3 Sport Electric Kick Scooter redefines urban commuting with a 24.9-mile range, 17.4mph top speed, and a sleek design for riders up to 265lbs.

Weighing 40.6lbs, it balances portability and stability, featuring advanced elements like Front Disc + Regenerative braking, LED lights, and smart app integration.

With a waterproof design, 5-hour charge time, and powerful motor, it’s the epitome of style and performance for modern urban mobility.

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Discover the next generation of urban commuting with the NIU KQi3 Sport Electric Kick Scooter. This stylish and high-performance electric scooter is meticulously crafted to redefine your daily journeys.

With an impressive range of 24.9 miles, the KQi3 ensures you can effortlessly navigate through city streets, allowing you to explore more without the worry of running out of battery. The top speed of 17.4mph provides a swift and efficient mode of transportation, making every commute a breeze.

Designed for versatility, this scooter accommodates riders weighing up to 265lbs, making it suitable for a diverse range of commuters, while the minimum rider age of 14 ensures it’s an ideal choice for teenagers and adults alike.

Weighing in at 40.6lbs, the KQi3 strikes a perfect balance between portability and stability. The scooter’s Front Disc and Regenerative braking system deliver precise and responsive braking, ensuring enhanced safety during your rides.

Illuminate your path with confidence using the Front and Rear LED lights, along with side reflectors, making night rides safe and enjoyable. The 9.5″ wheels provide stability and agility, offering a smooth and controlled ride across various terrains.

Stay informed on your journey with the user-friendly LED Dashboard, providing real-time information on speed, battery life, and riding modes.

The KQi3 boasts a waterproof design with an IP54 rating, allowing it to handle unexpected weather conditions, ensuring your scooter remains operational in light rain and splashes. The powerful 48V, 365Wh battery charges in just 5 hours, getting you back on the road swiftly.

The KQi3 features a robust motor with a rated power of 300W and a maximum power of 600W, providing a smooth and powerful ride that effortlessly conquers inclines and navigates urban landscapes.

Seamlessly integrate your scooter with the dedicated app for smart features, including setting riding modes, smart unlock capabilities, cruise control, viewing rider statistics, and enjoying Bluetooth connectivity. Stay ahead with over-the-air updates, ensuring your scooter benefits from the latest features and improvements.

Unleash the future of urban commuting with the NIU KQi3 Sport Electric Kick Scooter – where style meets performance for the ultimate riding experience.