Fanttik T8 APEX Jump Starter Deluxe Package and X8 APEX Tire Inflator

Introducing Fanttik T8 APEX Jump Starter: 2000 Amps for supercar starts, 3.0-inch smart screen, 5-min charge, and 65W USB-C.

Also, Fanttik X8 APEX Tire Inflator: 56-second inflation, 40-min continuous use, presets, anti-scalding hose, LED light, and USB ports. Essential for quick, reliable road readiness.

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Introducing the Fanttik T8 APEX Jump Starter Deluxe Package, a powerhouse of Titan’s jump-starting technology designed for instant engine starts. Boasting an impressive 2000 Amps, this lithium car battery jump starter delivers maximum energy, ensuring your supercar with up to 8.5L gasoline engines and 6.0L diesel engines springs back to life effortlessly.

Featuring a user-friendly 3.0 inches smart screen, this portable car jump starter pack takes convenience to the next level. It intelligently detects and displays real-time battery voltage and remaining battery level, offering you a comprehensive overview at just a glance.

Forget downtime with the Fanttik T8 APEX – it requires a mere 5 minutes to charge from 0% to provide a single jump-start, getting you back on the road immediately. The inclusion of a 65W USB-C power delivery input and output ensures a rapid recharge, completing the process in just 1.5 hours.

With additional 65W USB-C and 18W USB output, this versatile battery pack can power up your MacBook Pro 13’’, laptops, phones, and other USB-C devices. The TenSafe technology, coupled with a mistake-free design featuring reverse polarity and spark-proof technology, guarantees worry-free connections. Enhanced thermal efficiency and power management further contribute to stronger performance and an extended battery life.

Introducing the Fanttik X8 APEX Tire Inflator, the fastest 12V rechargeable battery air pump on the market. In just 56 seconds, it effortlessly inflates a 26.3” tire of a medium-sized car (28-33PSI) with pinpoint precision of ±1PSI, making it the ideal choice for a tire inflator.

Designed to keep up with your needs, the X8 APEX can work continuously for 40 minutes under typical outdoor temperatures from a full charge. Thanks to its innovative proprietary cooling function, it can continuously pump 16 tires without requiring a pause – no waiting for cooling necessary.

Featuring 4 preset inflation modes (bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and balls) and 3 preset units (PSI, KPA, BAR), the X8 APEX simplifies your experience. With a single click, select the desired inflation mode, and let the set-and-forget philosophy take over. The inflator automatically stops once the preset pressure value is reached, offering you the freedom to relax without repetitive checks.

Equipped with an 18.11-foot anti-scalding and high-pressure hose, the X8 APEX effortlessly covers tires below R22 under high pressure of 150PSI, inflating from all angles, including challenging directions.

On top of its performance features, this air pump boasts a 2-mode LED light for convenience in dark conditions. The bottom hosts a 5V/3A USB-C input port and a 5V/2A USB-A output port, turning it into an emergency power supply for your phone – making the X8 APEX a versatile and essential tool for every journey.