ALLPOWERS S200 Portable Power Bank 200W 154Wh

The ALLPOWERS S200 is a compact 154Wh portable power bank weighing 2.87 lbs. With fast 99W charging, versatile inputs, and multiple output ports, it’s perfect for outdoor activities and diverse charging needs.

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Introducing the ALLPOWERS S200 Portable Power Bank, a compact and powerful energy solution designed for versatility and convenience. Weighing just 2.87 lbs and measuring 7.876.71.96 inches, this laptop power bank is easy to carry in your bag. With a capacity of 154Wh/41600mAh and a ternary lithium battery, it provides ample power for laptops, phones, tablets, and more.

Equipped with comprehensive protection features against short circuit, over current, over power, over charge, and over-temperature, the S200 ensures the safety of your devices. Operating efficiently in temperatures from -0 to +40 degrees Celsius (32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit), it’s a reliable companion for various environments.

The ALLPOWERS S200 supports Dual-way quick recharge technology, featuring a 99W Fast Charging capability that enables a 100% charge in a short duration. The versatile inputs include Wall Outlet (18V2A, adapter included), USB-C (5V/9V/12V/15V/20V-3.0A PD 60W max), and Solar (99W max).

With multiple output ports, including 1 AC outlet (110V 200W), 1 wireless charging pad, 2 USB-A ports, and 1 Type-C port, the S200 ensures all your devices are taken care of, whether at home or outdoors. The wireless charging pad supports QI standard technology, eliminating the need for charging cables when you’re on the go.

Ideal for outdoor work, studying in the library, or using your laptop in a cafe, the ALLPOWERS S200 Portable Power Bank is a reliable and efficient power source that meets diverse electricity demands. Charge laptops for up to 3 hours, phones up to 14 times, and iPads up to 8 times, making it an essential companion for emergencies, trips, and outdoor activities.