Monthly Inflation Chart with Weekly Earnings Data (40+ Years)

consumer price index versus median weekly earnings chart

Above is the chart for the consumer price index monthly value and the median weekly earning quarterly value in U.S. Dollar (the chart is clickable). The time spans from November 1978 to March 2023 for the consumer price index, and from January 1979 to October 2022 for the median weekly earnings . The consumer price index and median weekly data comes from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The consumer price index tracks changes in the prices paid by urban consumers for some quantity of goods and services; the trend of the consumer price index (upward, stagnant, or upward) can be used to conclude if the prices of goods have risen (inflation) or dropped (deflation). The weekly earning is the weekly amount of money a full-time employee earns before taxes and other deductions and includes overtime, commissions, and tips. A full-time employee works for at least 35 hours a week and is not considered self employed.