How to Write a WordPress Blog Article for your WordPress Site

Writing an article for your WordPress site is easy and simple. We will guide you through the steps. Once you have logged into your WordPress account, you will get to your dashboard. On the left side of your dashboard, you will click or hover on “Posts”:

Then you need to click on “Add New”. Once you get to the next screen, you can start writing your article or you can choose the option to use whatever plug-in that immediately lets you see your article as it will appear when published. One such a plug-in is “Beaver Builder”. Each plug-in has its own features. Instead of showing you how to use one of them, such as Beaver Builder, we will use the standard editor:

Once you click standard editor button, you will see a space to start writing.

If you click in the block where you start your first paragraph, you will see appear on top of the block small icons that let you change the font, insert URLs, and so on. When you are done with your paragraph and press “Enter”, you can continue writing as before, and the editor will give you the option to insert other objects in your article, such as pictures and videos.

You can either use the three icons on the left of the block, but if you need more options, you can click the little “+” sign either on top or at left of the block.

On the right side of the editor, you will see several buttons that you can use to customize your article. Under “Status and Visibility”, you will be able to determine the readership for your article, and you will be able to schedule the time of publication:

Under “Permalink” you will be able to change the last part of the URL for your article. The default consists of the title of the article:

Adding a category usually helps readers who like certain articles to find your article very easily. Also, adding tags will help search engines find your article if people search for certain keywords. Adding a featured image can attract a larger audience to your article, and that picture can make the whole reading experience enjoyable:

To publish your article, you click the blue “Publish” button on the top right of your editor:

Congratulations! If you go to your page for your posts, you will see your article listed:

If you need to edit your article, you can click on “Posts” on your dashboard; then you can hover on the title of your article. Upon doing that, you will be given the option to edit. Then click “Edit”, and you will be back to the editor.

After you are done editing, click the blue button “Update” on the upper right of you dashboard. And you’re done!

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