• Reasons for Math

    Why Math?

    You may have had bad memories from mathematics at school, or maybe you liked it and stayed curious about it or even work in a related field. But in any case, you may ask yourselves: why research in mathematics is important? You may think that we already know all we need to know in mathematics as we are already able, for instance, to make the sophisticated computations required to successfully send a rocket into space to explore other planets. You might be surprised, but continuing research in mathematics can and will change our lives. And even save lots of human beings. How could mathematics save lives? A few years ago,…

  • How to Use your Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

    How to Use your Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

      This article has affiliate links. For related products, scroll to the end. ↓↓↓     Congratulations on having a Virtual Assistant/Smart Speaker. You’re going to enjoy all the things Alexa can do for you! But first, you’ll need to take a few steps to set it up properly. (You’ll only need to perform the setup one time.) If you don’t have an Echo device, you can get one here. Download the Alexa app to your phone or tablet. After downloading the app, open it and sign into your account. Your login is the same as to your Amazon account. Plug in your Echo device. Place it in a location…

  • How to Download Books onto your Kindle Paperwhite

    How to Download Books onto your Kindle Paperwhite

      This article has affiliate links. For related products, scroll to the end. ↓↓↓   You just bought a Kindle Paperwhite! Congratulations! You can now delve into the world of books without having to haul heavy books around. Everything is now available for you at the tip of your fingers with just a press of a button. The question now is, how do you download books onto your Kindle Paperwhite? Just follow these easy steps, and you will be on your own literary journey in no time. Register The first step to downloading books on your new Kindle Paperwhite is to first register it with Amazon. If you bought it…

  • Top 5 Plug-ins to Protect your WordPress Site from Spams

    Top 5 Plug-ins to Protect your WordPress Site from Spams

      For related products, scroll to the end. ↓↓↓   Let’s face it: no one wants to think that their WordPress site will have a security issue. Unfortunately, the reality is that spam can infect any site. Not only is spam annoying for you to deal with but it will impact your core user’s experience. After all, no one wants to spend time on a website that has a ton of spam comments on it. Said another way, spam could very easily impact your traffic and bounce rates! Fortunately, there are now dozens of fantastic WordPress plug-ins that offer protection from spam for your site. Below we’ve outlined 5 WordPress…

  • Technologies for Teaching Mathematics

    Technologies for Teaching Mathematics

    If you are a teacher or tutor and sometimes find it difficult to help your students or tutees understand some mathematical concepts, there are some fascinating technological tools designed to alleviate your challenges. GeoGebra AR GeoGebra is a website that has apps that can be used as scientific and graphic calculators and can be used to do other computations, such as solving polynomial equations. Recently, GeoGebra has incorporated augmented reality in some of its apps. So students can have a live demonstration of some fascinating math topics right through their phones. Sometimes, students can find it difficult to graph functions of two variables because they can find it hard to…

  • Technologies for Teaching

    Technologies for Teaching

      For related products, scroll to the end. ↓↓↓     You’re likely on the hunt for new technologies to use in the classroom that’ll take your student’s education to the next level. New tech in education is released all the time. And with a busy teaching schedule, it’s often hard to find the time to research what’s worth yours and your students’ time. To help you bring some of the great new education technology released in the past few years, we’ve done the research for you. What follows are three of the top new releases making waves in education. Google Tour Creator You may already be using Google’s amazing…